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In my blog, I will be Covering Digital Marketing News and it’s Future in the World.

Digital Marketing is one of the Booming industry and each and every business needs this. The way Digital marketing is making things easier for everyone making everyone believes that the future of every industry is just digital Marketing. But to be perfect in digital Marketing, one should attend Digital marketing Course. I’m no expert in Digital Marketing. I’m here Just to Share my Experience.

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So as a not so Perfect Digital marketer I won’t teach or train you on this and I Won’t even Try. Instead, I’ve asked One of my Friend Who Runs his training Center and Gives Top Class Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh to go through it with you . Being one of the Top institute in Digital marketing they provide Complete live Projects to make things more Clear and understandable. For More Info Check Our Website

What actually Digital Marketing is?

Digital Marketing overviewIt is a great way to promote your Business online or in other words we can say that businesses are using Internet marketing to make online presence. With online marketing being so popular these days, everyone wants more business (Globally established). And Digital Marketing is one of the cheapest ways to get that thing done.

Digital marketing News

With Internet marketing you can check your results and optimize it as per the requirement with a blink. It is So targeted that I personally believe that no other marketing type can take its place.

Future of Digital Marketing

We believe By 2020 we can find each and every small business online and it will generate a lot of Employment in every industry. People will generate more business and there will be a lot of opportunities with Digital Marketing.

Let’s Compare Traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing and find out, What all have changed during these years.

  • Traditional Marketing – In Traditional marketing people use to advertise via Newspapers, TV, Flyers, Door to Door Marketing etc which is also known as outbound Marketing.
    • In Out Bound Marketing we market Out via medias mentioned above, where we go to customers to come and buy the product we have.
  • Digital Marketing – In Digital Marketing, We market our Product via Digital ways. For Example – Emails,Paid Ads, Media Ads, via SEO, PPC etc. It is also known as Inbound Marketing.
    • In Inbound Marketing, we bring clients in rather than going to clients. This is the most Targeted way of Marketing. Because your Website will be visible to People who are looking for the product that you have. There for You don’t have to go anywhere for marketing. You just need a Website. Once you have it, You can start with the Marketing and Get the Targeted Traffic to your Website.


Digital Marketing is the Future of the world and If you need this as a carrier. Start thinking now. We will keep you Updated with all the Search engine and Digital Marketing related News. hope this Helps you in some way.


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