Impact of Advertisement

Advertisement has always been used to project, convey company’s philosophy since ages to the people. It has always been the most effective and powerful tool to convey social messages for the benefit of society.  Like a coin has also two faces one positive other negative effects. It is very important to have a look on both sides of advertising to understand and analysis it properly.

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Let us have a positive impact of advertisements

  • Social messages are effectively conveyed :- Various companies and govt. use advertising effectively to convey social messages like “beti padao beti bachao”, “swach bharat abhiyan”, don’t drink and drive, “save power use led bulbs” these are just few ads to name who are being effectively used on various medias to educate society for the betterment. During war and emergencies govt. and many NPOs do ad campaigning to inform general public to remain cautious and alert.
  • Economic benefits: – This is the most beneficial positive effect of ads that it generates lot of revenue for the company and which in turn benefits the nation also. Most consumers after seeing an effective advertisement buy the product or avail the services resulting in economic growth of the company as well as country, ads also benefit society as a lot of jobs are generated in this sector.



  • Provision of choices:- Now a day companies are coming with newer and better products for the consumer welfare, all the companies advertise for their products and services on almost all the media to target their consumers. Consumers too have now a day wide range of choices, lots of product to choose from. People always compare and contrast the products of different companies and always try to choose the best one. Better products and a wider choice certainly helps in society betterment.
  • Ads increase awareness among people:- These days one always find lot of ads on every type of media. So consumer after watching ads learn about new products and services. Ads provide important facts about products and services this thing increase awareness among customers and educate them.

   Negative side of ads: It is true that everything has two side one bright side and other is dark side and advertising is not an exception. It also has a dark side means negative impacts.

  • Excess burden falls on consumer:- Company has to spend lot of budget on the advertisement but companies do gain from ads but the negative impact is felt by the consumers in the form of increased cost of products and services. Companies add the revenue spend on ads in the price of products, making it costlier so the ultimate burden is borne by consumer.
  • False promises:- Many ads especially that of drugs (medicines) and beauty products makes false promises to consumers. Ads of medicines always show company using doing false promises highlighting effectiveness of drugs but the side effects of drugs are never shown though it is mandatory to inform the public about the side effects drug have on body. Similarly is the case with beauty products that are advertise on the media never line up to the promises companies make best example are the ads of fairness creams, shampoo.
  • Excess advertising many times especially if it is an interesting programmer, film, serial or important news. Repeated ads in between this can cause bored and sometimes irritation.
  • Many times ads convince us and makes us believe that buying a product and service will bring happiness. Consumers are bullied to believe that spending money on a product and service they can have happiness.
  • Ads also wrongly convince consumers that everything they need is for sale and to buy a product we need money. So ads many times trap a person in the web to earn more money and then buy things to get happiness. But the reality is that not all our happiness can be experienced with non-life things. These are temporary distraction but not the one to give a permanent happiness and satisfaction.

Comparing both the positive and negative aspects of the ads and get more information about the procedures of on the web advertising concluding point is that the positive aspects can be checked and contained as our Indian govt. has made rules and regulations some do and don’t for the ads. to sum up ads have certainly bought more positively in our life.

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