Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in India

Today is the era of science and technology. Most of the companies and business use digital medium to market their product and services. If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing and searching for the best Digital Marketing institute, here are the following names of institutes which provide training in Digital Marketing.

  1. Webliquids – Webliquids is the Chandigarh-based best professional institute for digital marketing, with job, assured training courses with the main emphasis on doing practically and one to one interaction with a tutor.

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2. NIIT Digital Marketing – NIIT is a Gurgaon based company offering Digital marketing courses to the professionals with a moto to help them have a deeper understanding of the elements of digital marketing.

    the professionals with a moto to help them have a deeper understanding of the elements of digital marketing.

  1. – Simplilearn is the online provider of professional courses training in the area of I.T, programming, digital marketing, and project management, based in San Francisco, California USA and an institute at Bangalore.

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  1. AIMA – Delhi based digital marketing training company offering joint certification program in digital marketing and web analytics. Also the first institute to launch social media marketing workshop series in India.
  1. Digital Vidya – Digital Vidya an IIT Delhi alumni startup based institute offering online education in the field of digital marketing as certified digital marketing masters (CDMM),other courses like search marketing and social media marketing are also offered.
  1. Digital Academy India – Digital academy is a leading Gurgaon based institute for digital marketing training and consulting initiative with a mission to empower people for personal and professional growth in the field of marketing.
  1. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) – DSIM full school of internet marketing is a trademark of kixx Media Pvt. Ltd and a popular institute providing internet courses to the professionals of company, entrepreneurs and students.
  1. Internet Profits – Internet profit company main base at England (U.K) offers training and coaching to the students, professionals and consulting services as well as live events for business houses.
  1. Institute of Digital Marketing IDM is a Mumbai based institute committed to open new opportunities to the students, professionals and businessman too by training them to become experts in digital marketing so that they can experience the power of digital revolution.
  1. Learning Catalyst – Learning catalyst is an institute which is Mumbai based specializes in web related courses for the students and professionals with marketing, design and technical background. Main moto is “we don’t teach we help you learn”.



Digital marketing is great stage for showcase of products and services of companies with the help of advanced technology. It is primarily done on the web and additionally on the mobile phones and every advanced channel. It is a process of promoting a specific brand over the internet.



Digital marketing is all about promoting and showcasing the products and services of a business to the mass group of people through the channel or medium of web. In digital marketing business size doesn’t matter what matter a lot is how better you utilize these channels to promote a particular brand to attract the customer and make them loyal to a brand.


  1. TECHNOLOGY: – Today is time of technology and creativity. Today lot of people they spend their most of the time on the web. So it is a great medium for marketer to promote their products and services through the online medium and as the digital channel is more viable and low spending plan, anyone can use it for promotion of their brand.
  1. EASY ACCESS: – Digital promoting can be utilized by a business whether it is little or huge there is no such sort of hindrance for the business to do online promotion of product and services. Anyone can utilize that platform to promote their product and services inside their financial plan at a reasonable cost.
  1. WITHIN REACH: – In advanced advertising one can undoubtedly discover the niche market and select their intended interest group as indicated by their products and services and its benefits and do the business with no limits inside their financial plan.
  1. REASONABLE COST: – Digital Marketing is more advantageous and more practical procedure than customary technique. In online promotion one thing you need to do is advance planning and execution of plan in such a way to pull the customer towards the particular brand.

  1. QUICK RESPONSE: – one can undoubtedly follow and measure the effect of online promotion by utilizing different web techniques and get the points of interest of client visit to their site and their response whether they like the product or not inside a brief span.
  1. Adaptability: – One can do change in online promotion rapidly as indicated by the need and prerequisite and actualize it instantly and see the outcomes in a brief time frame.
  1. COMPETITION: – In online promotion size of the business doesn’t make a difference whether it is little or Hugh and anyone can effectively utilize the web-based social networking stage inside their financial plan.



  • Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Content Marketing Manager.
  • Content Writers.
  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists.
  • Search Engine Marketers.
  • SEO Executives
  • SEO specialist



  1. It creates higher conversion rates
  2. It spares you cash
  3. It empowers constant client benefit
  4. It provides real time customer service
  5. It produces higher incomes
  6. It conveys higher ROI from your campaigns
  7. It keeps you at standard with competitor




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