Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in India

Today is the era of science and technology. Most of the companies and business use digital medium to market their product and services. If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing and searching for the best Digital Marketing institute, here are the following names of institutes which provide training in Digital Marketing.

  1. Webliquids – Webliquids is the Chandigarh-based best professional institute for digital marketing, with job, assured training courses with the main emphasis on doing practically and one to one interaction with a tutor.

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Important Role of Branding in Interactive Media

Brand: It is a word that is used so popularly these days so to understand the true concept, meaning and value of branding is a must.

Today is the era of fast changing technology, the emergence of new social platforms, videos and many other things is constantly changing but one thing that stays constant is the brand. So every business house always ensures that the fundamental of brands and their brand’s advocacy are always maintained for long-term success in the market.

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People always confuse brand name and a brand. To make it clear brand name is tangible one can see and touch it, but brand exists in the mind of people it is their perception about the product when they hear or see the name of a product of the company.


Ordinary man always confuse between branding and marketing as same but “marketing is what you do, branding is what you are”. Marketing is a strategy to give thrust to the products and services of company and branding is more like a pull strategy.

Marketing promotes a product and service, while branding gives a solid meaning to a business house, its existence, its philosophy and basic values which serve as it base. In marketing, persuasion is used as a tool but in branding company lays stress on having an emotional relation with their clients.

As the internet is gaining popularity day by day, interactive medias are replacing traditional mediums of marketing. Main winning strategy is to create differentiation between products.



Today interactive marketing is becoming popular among business houses and companies. Due to its unique features, wide scope of creativity, increase in number of users has made internet favorite medium among most marketers as an advertising and branding tool. We can say that internet boom has won the attention and loyalty of people. With this comes the relevance of branding in interactive medium which are more aggressive than traditional medias.

Internet gives many advantage like business houses can use its interactive nature to increase awareness about their brands in the minds of their customers. Quick feedback and instant impression generated by this medium makes it very popular. Its dynamic nature attracts the attention of every marketer.


  1. INNOVATION AND BRING OUT UNIQUENESS: To attract the attention of client it is must to create something artistic and unique that will immediately attract customer attention toward company’s brand. To make the imprint of brand in your customer’s mind main thing to be kept in mind is likes and dislikes of the customers especially the target group.   Basic thing around which a marketing strategy is done is what the target group think? What things they prefer? Their apparent choices and things they reject any why? Company‘s trying for branding strategy in interactive medias choose a unique name which is easy to remember and a logo that just catches customer’s attention and makes him/her aware of company’s brand.


  1. CONSISTENCY IN EFFORTS: Customers these days has choice of multiple channels and he/she has difference experience of exposure. So business houses or marketer’s message, approach should be logical and in positive way.
  1. Tastes and preferences of the group targeted in an important factor in this interactive marketing. So while communicating a message or an idea company have a clear image of their target group and their likes and dislikes. Messages and information conveyed should be clear, simple, precise and informative but appealing.
  1. Branding is just not an effort to create a logo or repeating brand name of company. It is about doing what company’s say not just saying about itself. Whether it is a home page of the company’s website or an email, main stress should be given to what the company is doing it can be a punch line because short and precise message always click in the mind of client.
  1. Business house or a company should always make sure that their brand is present especially at the place where target group reaches. For example a company marketing baby products should always make sure that their brand is visible and present to mothers of small babies. This is a good opportunity that a marketer should not miss means brand presence. Customer may not be looking for your product but if the company has done its homework in an effective way he may purchase company’s product after seeing the product presence.
  1. Despite its popularity and increased use internet is an unexplored gold mine that always has to offer lots of opportunities to various marketer. Branding in interactive media is inspiring people, customers to think and feel in a positive way about a product with the hope that they will purchase company’s products and will become loyal customers.

Internet these days is becoming a popular media for most marketers some are too excited and some have doubts in their mind about the effectiveness of this media for marketing. But to be very clear in these interactive media is not much different from the traditional medias as a marketer has to make almost same strategies for both. Even an internet company can make aggressive brand strategies and achieve good benefits.

Interactive medias offer advertisers good opportunities to increase brand image but the certain features should be kept in mind like search engines, emails, word of mouth, traffic on websites and one of the most important thing that is brand’s performance needs to be measured and monitored regularly.  It is the only success mantra for branding in the interactive medias and branding in this media is just a beginning there is still long way to be covered.


Impact of Advertisement

Advertisement has always been used to project, convey company’s philosophy since ages to the people. It has always been the most effective and powerful tool to convey social messages for the benefit of society.  Like a coin has also two faces one positive other negative effects. It is very important to have a look on both sides of advertising to understand and analysis it properly.

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Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about promoting and marketing of products and services of a business to the mass audience through the channel or medium of online. In digital marketing size of the business doesn’t matter but what matter is how efficiently and effectively you use that channel to promote your product and services to penetrate the customer towards it and make them loyal to your product.

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Digital Marketing future 2016

In my blog, I will be Covering Digital Marketing News and it’s Future in the World.

Digital Marketing is one of the Booming industry and each and every business needs this. The way Digital marketing is making things easier for everyone making everyone believes that the future of every industry is just digital Marketing. But to be perfect in digital Marketing, one should attend Digital marketing Course. I’m no expert in Digital Marketing. I’m here Just to Share my Experience.

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